Conservation Services

Object Conservation and Restoration treatmentread more…

  • Historic objects and antiques.
  • Organic materials such as wood, plant fibre, leather, ivory, feathers, and bark paintings.
  • Inorganic materials such as ceramics, glass, plaster, metals, and stone.
  • Archaeological materials.
  • Ethnographic, Pacific, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects.
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Outdoor sculptures, monuments and historic more…

Services include conservation and maintenance, repair of damage, graffiti removal, cleaning and stain removal, treatment of corrosion, waxing and removal of deteriorated coatings, ensuring the use of correct products and methods.

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Conservation of Historic buildingsread more…

  • Conservation treatment of damaged building fabric and internal finishes, such as:
    • masonry;
    • plaster;
    • metals;
    • timber;
    • wallpapers;
    • tiles;
    • glazing;
    • historic paint and lime wash;
    • treatment of salt attack; and
    • rising damp.
  • Condition reporting.
  • Conservation project management and planning of capital works.
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Preservation Housekeepingread more…

Annual Conservation deep clean of historic houses and museums/gallery areas. Conservation cleaning and maintenance of displays and storage areas.

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Preventive conservation adviceread more…

Advice on preventive conservation practises and procedures, including lighting, mould, pests, temperature and humidity, dust and pollutants, disaster and collection security, for long term protection against deterioration.  Advice on OH&S issues for hazardous collection items.

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Treatment of pest infestationsread more…

Non-toxic insect eradication of infested collection materials, using nitrogen gas and low temperature techniques that won’t damage collection materials.

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Outreach pest monitoring and quarantiningread more…

Identification and regular inspection of collections for pest outbreak, plus quarantining and pest treatment of new objects entering a collection.

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Mould Outbreakread more…

Treatment of mould affected collection materials, and advice to prevent future outbreaks.

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Outreach environmental monitoringread more…

Provision of equipment and establishment of environmental monitoring systems in small institutions, giving museum staff the opportunity to undertake daily environmental monitoring of gallery conditions and surveying of problematic gallery and storage areas.  I am available to provide advice and respond in a timely manner to environmental disasters, and to rectify any extremes of environmental conditions.

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Reports, documentation and researchread more…

Preservation Needs Assessments, collection surveys, condition reports, insurance claims, conservation assessment, risk assessment reports.

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Storage and display adviceread more…

  • Evaluation of storage areas and advice on future storage needs.  Implementation of storage and display upgrades.
  • Advice on display case construction, mount manufacture, and stable materials and coatings that won’t damage your collection objects.
  • Safe lighting options and climate mitigation measures for display cases.
  • Manufacture of custom made boxes, and packing of collection materials for safe transport, storage or loan.
  • Creation of storage enclosures to prevent deterioration linked to mould, dust, pollutants, oxidation, and insect pests.
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Collection moves/rehousingread more…

  • Project management, planning, and implementation of collection moves and rehousing.
  • Collection rehousing according to the risk inherent in various materials types, creation of cost effective microclimates for sensitive materials.
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Collection surveys, risk assessments, storage needs assessmentsread more…

Assessment of the condition and preservation requirements of collection objects.  Identifying which objects are at greatest risk. Prioritising conservation treatment and storage needs, and low cost interim options for when immediate treatment isn’t financially possible.

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Installationread more…

Planning and implementation of exhibition and display installation, recommendation of appropriate display time cycles and preventive conservation conditions.  Conservation advice and supervision of objects during exhibition installation to ensure safe object handling and prevent damage.

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